Practice Laboratory


LabAn up to date solid state chemistry analyser, and a laser cell counter enable us to process the vast majority of our routine diagnostic profiles, without having to wait for outside laboratories to receive and process samples.

The list of tests that the machine pictured left can do continues to grow, and will soon include less used assays, such as digitalis and phenobarbitone drug assay.


Much of the testing done, however, related to pre-operative blood testing to check patients for pre-existing, sub clinical conditions, such as kidney or liver problems, prior to the administration of anaesthetics for operations. These types of condition cannot be diagnosed any other way, and a clear blood test gives that added peace of mind when your pet has to have surgery.


Stantonbury Reception

Reception Desk
The reception area is on of the most important areas in the practice as it is the first port of contact with the practice. In fact clients rarely see past this and the consulting room.

Appointments are made here, animals admitted, financial transactions performed, medicines dispensed, phone calls answered and many problems sorted out.

Our appointment system, like many other aspects of the practice management, is computer based. All diaries are now at Stantonbury, and can be updated live from either surgery.

Prep Area

Prep AreaThe Prep area as it's name suggests is the area where we prepare animals for surgery, in the operating theatre through the door in the far end.

In many ways it is the hub of the practice, with access to the dispensary, lab consulting rooms and reception from here, and also doors leading to the theatre, Xray area, and both kennels.

We also use this area for minor, non-sterile operations and for dental procedures.

The bank of kennels on the left are recovery kennels where animals or kept immediately post-op whilst they recover. Here we can keep an eye on them as they wake up, before returning them to their kennels.

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