Time flies

Time is precious

Time and tide wait for no man....

Much has been written about time, more particularly how important it is, and how you never seem to have enough.

That is why here at Midsummer Veterinary Group we think it's important to make the best use of it, and it is the prime reason why we do not operate a policy of open surgeries. Our appointment system is designed to allow us time to properly examine and assess your pet. Our 10 minute slots, which we can double up if necessary, give us ample time to discuss any issues or health concerns that you may have, and carefully consider and formulate any treatment plans. Even something as apparently simple as an annual vaccination can reveal health problems that may need a little time to explain.

There are always occasions when you feel you never have enough time, but we will do all we can not to let your visit to Midsummer Veterinary Group be one of them

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